Hundrup aerial work platform rental: Aim high with us!

We rent working platforms / height access technology for your individual purposes. All of our rental devices are available for rental in the greater NRW area. Ask us or search our rental park. In addition, we are certified as an IPAF training center and offer safety and efficiency courses!

Distinctive (working platform) service

With our optimal advice and device availability, none of your questions or requests will remain unsatisfied. The Hundrup company has stood for this for many years.

Our company, which was founded in Waltrop in 1994, has grown steadily since then. Based on the requirements of our customers and the market, we have been continuously investing in new, more powerful work platforms, vehicles and machines that you can rely on at all times.

All of our machines are in excellent condition, which we can guarantee because we carry out the maintenance and care after every job.

The topic of security is also extremely relevant to us. For this reason, we have an IPAF training center for safety and efficiency. Our dedicated team is always there for you - even with technical questions. Even if you want to do your work with our machines at the weekend or at night.

Scissor lifts

Better and safer than any ladder! You can choose between our self-propelled electric scissor lifts for indoor use or the models with diesel drive for outdoor use. Thanks to their slim design and the fold-down railing, they fit through any standard door. Since these platforms can be used completely without support and can also be moved when extended, they promise maximum time savings.

Truck working platforms

Our small truck working platforms on 3.5-ton and 7.5-ton chassis are ideal for your work at home.
Regardless of whether work is to be done on the roof, the facade or the fireplace, provided there is enough space, these work platforms are the best choice.
While the 3.5-ton work platforms can even be driven with the normal car driver's license (class B),
the old driver's license class 3 (new class C1) is sufficient for our 7.5 ton platforms.

Tracked arial platforms

Our tracked arial platforms shine due to their compact dimensions and the chain drive when used in gardens and grounds.
You can even drive through narrow garden gates with a width of 80cm without any problems.
The rubber tracks distribute the weight of the platform as well as possible on the floor and the high support stroke compensates for unevenness and inclines at the installation location.

Trailer work platforms

Trailer work platforms have the advantage that they can be used flexibly when working at home, in the garden or even indoors and are also very inexpensive. They owe their flexibility to their lightly weight and small, low design. If there is enough space and a suitable towing vehicle, these work platforms are the most cost-effective choice.

Self-propelled articulated telescopic platforms

The articulated joint makes them extremely flexible. Our self-propelled electric articulated telescopic platforms are made for industrial use such as electrical work, painting, cleaning and assembly work. They are indispensable in machine and warehouse halls due to their compact design, the lateral reach and the high overall height. In addition to the electrically operated articulated telescopic platforms for indoor use, there are also suitable models with diesel drive for outdoor use, which are equipped with an all-wheel drive, possibly with a swing axle and off-road tires. This means that it can also be used on unpaved or uneven ground. These platforms are used for facade work, in hall construction and for various assembly work.

Front and telescopic forklift

Front and telescopic forklifts are used wherever heavy loads have to be lifted. In addition to the pallet fork, our telescopic forklifts also offer a portfolio of additional attachments such as a shovel, a load hook, a winch and even a work basket. They can do the work of a wheel loader through the shovel, the work of a forklift through the pallet fork, the work of a crane through the load hook or winch and the work of an aerial work platform through the work basket. That makes you the perfect all-rounder at any construction site.